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4 ways hotels can engage with their guests through digital fitness and wellness activities

After some major challenges caused by the pandemic, the hospitality industry is finally covering and gearing up for the grand return of tourism worldwide. It is also witnessing a significant shift in guest preferences, with an increasing demand for wellness and fitness offerings. Travellers are now booking longer stays and are more than ever conscious of their health & fitness, which they intend to maintain while on the road, and are seeking hotels that can accommodate these new needs. As a result, hotels and resorts are responding by offering a new range of wellness and fitness amenities and services to cater to these guests. From fully equipped fitness centres and yoga studios to healthy dining options and spa treatments, hotels and resorts strive to create an environment that supports their guests' physical, mental, and emotional well-being. If some of these changes can appear difficult and costly to implement, an extensive array of digital solutions have also araised - cheaper to implement and providing data to evaluate their effectiveness, digital fitness and wellness activities are a great alternative or complement to an on-site shift toward wellness.

In this blog post, we will explore 4 ways hotels can strengthen their relationships with guests through digital fitness & wellness activities.

hotel guest digital fitness wellness experience

1. Creating Digital Running Routes for Sports Enthusiasts

Hotels can create digital running routes for sports enthusiasts who want to explore the city while keeping fit. These routes can be designed by the hotel marketing team or auto-generated and hosted in a dedicated app, allowing guests to access them easily. By providing guests with digital running routes, hotels can encourage them to stay active while also giving them a unique experience of the city.

2. Hosting recurring, beginner-friendly Wellness Events

Hotels can organise recurring wellness events such as a Saturday run, yoga classes or meditation sessions. These events can be promoted on social media or through the hotel's website and can either be led by a trained instructor or hosted on an app - it is essential to cater to all fitness levels. This helps encourage guests to meet others, create a feeling of community, and can be a source of user-generated content to promote on social media too.

3. Kid-Friendly Treasure Hunt in the Neighborhood

Hotels can offer kid-friendly treasure hunts in the neighbourhood, which can be a fun way for the whole family to explore the surrounding area in a fun, interactive way. The “treasure” itself can be a prize, a virtual medal or a discount at the hotel restaurant. By offering such activities, hotels can cater to families travelling with young children and provide them with a unique and enjoyable experience.

4. Guided City Tours with Quizzes

Lastly, guided city tours, with quiz questions to engage guests, are a fantastic example of value add for hotels. The quiz can be about the city's history, culture, or landmarks, and guests can win prizes for the highest score. Guests get to learn more about the city they visit while having fun and being active.

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Wellness and fitness have become a top priority for modern travellers, and hospitality providers who can deliver on these expectations stand to benefit significantly. The above four activities are just a few examples of how hotels can provide a unique and memorable experience for their guests, and all can be created using District Technologies' services. Reach out to our team today if you want to explore one of these or brainstorm another concept to differentiate yourself from your competitors and create a whole new experience for your customers.



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