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Earn rewards for exploration with LocalXplorer by Globetrotter, using District's unique GPS technology in this virtual fitness challenge.



Points scored

1 million points 

Distance covered


Globetrotter, one of Germany’s leading outdoor retailers,  sells outdoor and adventure equipment via retail outlets and online, across the country.  The approached District to create a unique virtual fitness challenge to engage their constomers.


Globetrotter sought to create a long-term platform with District that would not only connect with their customer base but also drive sales, while promoting their key values of utilizing advanced technology to inspire their users to pursue their passions of exploration and physical activity.  They wanted to create a unique brand activation that took the form of a virtual fitness challenge.


The LocalXploer app was launched in 2020, using District’s proprietary checkpoint technology to map out hiking, biking and kayaking tours around Germany, providing users a unique virtual fitness challenge to take part in.  Once users collected enough checkpoints, they received an online discount voucher of €25 direct to their inbox, rewarding Globetrotters customers for exploring and being active, and ultimately driving more online sales for Globetrotter.

Globetrotter Virtual Fitness Challenge app


The LocalXploer app has been a huge success with year around engagement, and a dedicated following from loyal customers in this unique virtual fitness challenge.  Brands such as The North Face and Jack Wolfskin have also featured, for special limited time challenges, driving additional revenue through the platform for Globetrotter, and adding value to their customers.

Ready to get started.

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