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Red Bull partners with District to launch innovative digital fitness campaign.

Red Bull, the Austrian-based soft drink manufacturing company, is renowned for it’s unique events and innovative approach to sports and marketing. Since its launch in 1987, more than 100 billion cans of Red Bull have been sold worldwide.


Red Bull Hong Kong were looking to create a team based digital competition, that fused the physical and virtual environments.  They wanted a solution that brought together elements of exploration, technology and teamwork, and also gave them a platform to promote their ambassadors and product.


Based upon our GPS checkpoint functionality, District conceptualised ‘TakeOver’, the digital equivalent of capture the flag.  The concept is simple, two teams, Red vs Blue, whoever scores the most points wins.  Participants are given 3 hours, to explore Hong Kong, collecting checkpoints, and completing challenges, to score points for their team.  Each team is fronted by a Red Bull ambassador, and with real time chat, live leaderboards and a virtual feed, participants communicate with their team through the experience.   

Red Bull Takeover app developed by District Technologies


The first Red Bull TakeOver event was a sell out success, with users exploring unseen parts of Hong Kong, and completing Red Bull Challenges along the way.  It proved a fantastic platform for content creation, and enabled Red Bull to position themselves as innovators in the digital fitness space  The event returns for 2022 with more digital surprises for users to explore

Ready to get started.

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