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Digital treasure hunts for employee wellness challenges

A unique way to launch employee wellness challenges for your team

District Teams  - employee wellness challenge app
District Teams  - employee wellness challenge app
District Teams  - employee wellness challenges

An employee wellness challenge for your team

District Teams activates cities with virtual checkpoints and challenges, turning fitness and exploration into a game.


Our innovative platform enables you to customise  adventures for your  teams, launching dynamic employee wellness challenges, interactive treasure hunts, virtual races, and much more.

We create employee wellness challenges for the world's leading companies

Design & customise your employee wellness challenge

With our unique checkpoint technology, you have the freedom to craft challenges to suit your requirements.

Whether you're planning a one-day, one-week, or month-long event, or want to build an evergreen challenge that remains accessible year-round, our platform enables you to design the perfect employee wellness challenge for your team.

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District Teams  points checkpoint
District Teams  boost checkpoint
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Digital treasure hunts

Create a thrilling digital treasure hunt for your employee wellness challenge using checkpoints, challenges, and questions. Customize the experience to meet your objectives and build teamwork skills while providing a fun and memorable experience.

A feature-rich platform to set up your employee wellness challenge quickly and easily

Dedicated Event page icon

Dedicated Event Page

A landing page with your logo, visuals and content.

GPS checkpoints icon

GPS checkpoints

4 types of checkpoints (Standard, Quiz, Physical Activity, Boost) 

Activity Tracker icon

Activity Tracker

A native activity tacker is built into the app, recording your  activity from any location.

Social feed icon

Social Feed

See activity from all participants and post messages on the feed.

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A dedicated team page with a chat and leaderboard.

Live leaderboard icon

Live Leaderboards

See results in real time and filter by custom categories

Transparent pricing that suits your needs

Purchase a one time event or use the platform on an on-going basis, District Teams has an option for you.



Per User

Try out District Teams for free for upto 5 users

No credit card required

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Up to 5 users

Tick icon

7 day duration

Tick icon

Creators platform access 

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Custom Event Page

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Live leaderboard



Per User

Run a one-time challenge lasting up to 45 days

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Tick icon
Tick icon

All Free plan features

Unlimited users

Up to 45 day duration

Personalised feed posts

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Challenge reporting

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Tick icon

Onboarding support


Setup fee




Per user

per month

Engaging Challenges for on-going wellbeing 

No Setup fee

Billed Annually

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Tick icon

All one-time plan features

Unlimited users

Tick icon

On-boarding emails

Tick icon

Monthly reporting

  • Who is District Teams for?
    District Teams is designed for companies of all sizes that are committed to promoting employee health and well-being. Whether you're a small startup or a large corporation, District Teams offers a unique solution to engage your team members in fun and interactive wellness activities. Our platform is perfect for companies looking to enhance workplace culture, boost team morale, and foster a healthier, more active workforce
  • How does it work?
    District Teams operates through the District App, and allows you to create digital treasure hunts, on our intuitive platform. We combine GPS technology with gamification elements to create an immersive wellness experience. Here's how it works: Set Up Your Challenge: Begin by setting up your challenge on the District Creators platform. Define the duration, location, and objectives of your challenge to tailor it to your company's needs. Team Formation: Employees form teams and join the challenge through the District app. Teams collaborate to complete tasks, solve clues, and achieve milestones. Exploration and Engagement: Participants explore designated districts or areas, interacting with virtual checkpoints and challenges along the way. These checkpoints may involve fitness activities, trivia questions, or team-based challenges. Earn Points and Rewards: As teams progress through the challenge, they earn points for completing tasks and reaching checkpoints. Rewards and incentives can be offered to motivate participants and foster healthy competition. Track Progress: Participants can track their progress and monitor their team's performance in real-time through the App. Leaderboards and statistics provide visibility into individual and team achievements. Celebrate Success: At the end of the challenge, celebrate the accomplishments of your teams and recognize outstanding performances. District Teams provides insights and analytics to evaluate the impact of the challenge on employee engagement and well-being. Overall, District Teams offers a unique and engaging way to promote physical activity, team bonding, and overall wellness within your organization.
  • How do I get started?
    Getting started with District Teams is simple and straightforward. Follow these steps to get your organization moving: Start a free trial - No credit card required, you can try out District Teams today, for free. Arrange a demo - Want more information? Simply send us an email to and we'll happily arrange a time to walk you through the platform Build your challenge - Log into the District Creators platform and start building your challenge Setup - With the details finalized, our team will set up your challenge on the District Teams platform. We'll provide guidance on team formation, participant onboarding, and any technical aspects of the platform. Launch - When everything is ready, it's time to launch your District Teams challenge! Promote the challenge to your employees and encourage participation to maximize engagement and excitement. Support and Guidance: Throughout the duration of your challenge, our team will provide ongoing support and guidance to ensure everything runs smoothly. We're here to assist with any questions, technical issues, or additional customization needs. Ready to embark on your wellness journey with District Teams? Contact us today to get started!
  • How does the pricing work?
    We made our pricing as transparent as possible - everything is based on the number of participants and the duration of your challenge. For events lasting 1 to 45 days, we charge $5 per participant, with a setup fee of $500. If you want to run an on-going challenge, we calculate the pricing on a monthly basis, and charge $3 per user, per month. This cost is billed annually, and is charged upfront.
  • What if I'm not sure how many users will join?
    We can work with you to create a pricing structure based on your estimated numbers. We can then bill you for any additional users at the end of your challenge.
  • What if I need a more custom solution, with 500+ participants or a dedicated app?
    We've got you covered. We have run challenges for hundreds of thousands of users, and built numerous apps for our clients. You can see our work at Just send us an email at, and we can arrange a time to discuss it further.

What our customers say 

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Active and healthy lifestyle

Heng Zee Wang | AIA

“This event inspired people from all walks of life to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. 


We would like to express our appreciation to District for executing a campaign that benefited all, and look forward to running more initiatives such as this in the future"

Ready to get started.

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