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Motivating staff across ANZ to get engaged and active



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74 KM

AIA is the largest publicly listed life insurance group in Asia Pacific, with a mantra of living Healthier, Longer and Better lives, they employee 23,000 people across 18 countries.  


AIA's teams are distributed across both Australia and New Zealand, and the company acknowledges the significance of promoting a strong sense of community and encouraging healthy habits among its employees. To this end, AIA sought a solution that would facilitate a fun and healthy challenge, encouraging daily physical activity and promoting friendly competition among staff members.


The September Staff Challenge was launched for AIA staff across Australia and New Zealand, to motivate people to be active and stay healthy with a friendly challenge.


The campaign ran from September 1st - September 30th, 2020 with the company split into 21 teams by business unit.  Total distance (km) was tracked on the leaderboard for all individuals with the team leaderboard calculated by the average km per person.   Staff could upload their activity to the feed with a caption and photo, and take a selfie with the Augmented Reality AIA face filter

AIA virtual fitness challenge images


The AIA Staff Challenge app was greatly received, with over 1,500 employees regularly recording and sharing their activity, to try and top the leaderboard for their team.  This inclusive challenge enabled participants to run, cycle or even dog walk their way to the top.

Ready to get started.

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