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AIA Vitality partners with District to get Malaysia moving.



Points scored

5 million

Free cars

1 lucky winner

AIA Vitality is Asia’s first and only comprehensive science-backed health programme. It provides members with the knowledge, tools and motivation to bring about long-term positive behavioural changes to lead a healthier life. AIA Vitality members are incentivised to actively engage in health and wellness activities by offering them a range of benefits including extra insurance benefits on selected insurance and Takaful plans as well as savings and discounts from AIA Vitality partners.


AIA Vitality wanted to launch a nationwide digital engagement campaign that lived up to their brand promise of getting their customers to live Healthier, Longer and Better lives.

The key requirements were:

  • A fitness based challenge that is free to enter

  • Anyone should be able to compete, anytime, in any location

  • Create an engaging and unique experience

  • Generate strong PR and buzz through great incentives and rewards

  • Act as a lead generation tool for new business


Using the DIstrict Explore application, we launched District Race Malaysia in conjunction with AIA Vitality.  Users from across the country were encouraged to get their friends together, and using our unique GPS checkpoint technology, collect as many points as they could  over a month long period.  With every point scored helping to donate meals to those in need, a CSR element was present throughout the campaign, and individuals were incentivised to keep moving by going into a lucky draw to win a free car.

AIA district race malaysia photos live event


The campaign saw fantastic results, with almost 12,000 participants scoring enough points to donate 50,000 meals  to those in need.  Thousands of new leads were generated for AIA Vitality, and users were rewarded with great prizes from Garmin watches to a brand new car.  

“We hope that this event has inspired people from all walks of life to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.  We would like to express our appreciation to District for executing an event that benefited all, and look forward to supporting more initiatives such as this ”


Chief Marketing Officer, AIA Bhd

Ready to get started.

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