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Building the leading digital corporate challenge in Germany and Switzerland with Infront Sports and Media.



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Infront Sports and Media is a global sports marketing company  with offices in over 15 countries worldwide. Infront works with a wide range of sports, including winter sports, football, handball, basketball, cycling, and more. They work with sports federations, teams, and event organizers to develop and execute media and marketing strategies that increase the visibility and revenue of their partners.


As part of our strategic partnership with Infront, the team in charge of B2Run, Europe's premier corporate running series, approached District with the challenge of creating a new and innovate, digital first, corporate fitness challenge.  The challenge would need to incorporate running and cycling, and be avialable to participants across Germany, Switzerland and Austria, and be something unique and un-seen in the challenge space.


The District team conceptualised B2Mission, a unique team building event whereby users score points for their team by either running, cycling or competing in a run challenge.  

Run challenges used District's proprietary GPS technlogy, that turns cities and parks into a game, by placing virtual checkpoints and challenges for users to collect in a specified time limit.  The more they collect, the more points they receive.

Companies compete against each other for a 30 day period to top the leaderboard, with participants being able to view results in real time via the in-app feed, live leaderboards, and chat rooms.    All users received their results via an e-certificate and a personalised Augmented Reality medal.

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B2Mission was a huge hit across German, Switzerland and Austria, with almost 300 companies signing up for the first edition. Since it's launch there have been a further 6 campaigns with millions of activties being logged as employees aim to get points for their company, and top that leaderboard.

Ready to get started.

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