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Unite and Get Fit: The Importance of Virtual Fitness Challenges for Employee Engagement

Virtual challenges have emerged as a popular and effective way for HR departments to engage and retain their teams, especially since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. With hybrid work becoming the new norm and employees feeling more disconnected from their workplace, virtual challenges provide a fun and interactive way to bring teams together and offer a wide range of opportunities for employees to connect, collaborate, and compete. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of virtual fitness challenges and how HR professionals can use them to foster a sense of community and improve employee engagement and retention. So whether you're new to virtual challenges or looking to enhance your existing program, this post is a must-read for HR professionals looking to drive employee engagement and retention in the new hybrid work landscape.

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What is a virtual fitness challenge?

A virtual fitness challenge is a race that takes place entirely online through a mobile app or website. Participants run, walk, or bike a designated distance at their own pace, within a specified period (usually a day, a week or a month) and log their activities through the virtual race platform. This type of activations allows people to compete and challenge themselves regardless of location and weather conditions.

Why should you organise a virtual fitness challenge for your employees?

A virtual fitness challenge keeps your employees active and promotes a healthy lifestyle

Encouraging employees to participate in a virtual fitness challenge is a great way to promote physical activity and overall well-being as part of your company’s values. Employees with a healthy lifestyle are statistically more engaged and productive, less subject to stress, and

Virtual challenges are a great Team Building tool, especially for teams that are spread around the world

Virtual fitness challenges can help build a sense of camaraderie and teamwork among employees, as they work towards a common goal and support each other. This often creates a positive synergy that transpires in the workplace. It is also an occasion for most employees to meet other people from the broader team, and contribute to a stronger community feeling.

Virtual company challenges offer more flexibility than on-site events

Virtual fitness challenges are flexible, allowing your employees to participate from anywhere, at any time, and their own pace. This way, you can accommodate employees with busy schedules, working from home or spread out across different timezones.

Virtual race challenges are more cost-effective to implement and manage than local activations

Compared to traditional fitness challenges, virtual fitness challenges are more cost-effective as they do not require any physical infrastructure or equipment, and can be run through a simple mobile app or website. This can help companies save money while still promoting employee wellness and engagement. Of course, physical or virtual rewards can be implemented to incentivise employees to participate as well.

Virtual fitness challenges can promote a better Work-life Balance

Virtual races can promote work-life balance by providing employees with an opportunity to focus on their personal goals and well-being, while also participating in a workplace-sponsored activity. Setting aside dedicated time for physical activity, especially in a busy schedule, is key to reducing stress, improving mental clarity, and increasing energy levels.

How to set up an office challenge for my team?

Setting up a fitness challenge for your team is easier than it seems. Some software companies, including District, specialise in creating and hosting corporate challenges on mobile platforms. While most options available offer simple step-based challenges, District offers a large array of options:

  • Virtual races - Individually or in teams, team members can compete based on a set distance (5km, 10km run etc), and try to beat their own personal best

  • Cumulative distance target - get all team members to work towards a common goal b y setting a global target. Each activity gets added to the total score.

  • Treasure hunt / City exploration - hide checkpoints around your location, and get new employees, interns or partners to go on an adventure and learn more about your company, the area or your workplace culture.

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