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District Teams Vs. District Enterprise: Which One is Right for Your Corporate Fitness Challenge

Are you planning on hosting a corporate fitness challenge to enhance your team's productivity, boost morale, and foster a stronger sense of camaraderie among your employees?

Whether you're a small startup or a large corporation, corporate challenge events are an excellent way to encourage your employees to get active and work together toward a common goal.

District offers a large range of options, including step challenges, virtual races, or scavenger hunts, that can be customized to fit your needs.

District has two primary options for corporate challenges: 1. District Teams - Digital treasure hunt experiences for employee wellness hosted on the District app

2. District Enterprise - A white-label solution to launch your own branded fitness challenge application.

difference app fitness corporate wellness challenge district teams entreprise
Left: Challenge hosted in the District App (Teams) Right: Dedicated challenge app (Entreprise)

Both options offer:

  • checkpoint based challenges, with various types of checkpoints & activities

  • Social features, feed with promotional messages & user activity, teams and chats

  • Possibility to restrict access to the challenges to ticket holders only

So, when should you choose Teams or Entreprise?

District Teams

District Enterprise

You want an easy solution to host one-off of regular challenges for your teams

All you need to do is create a route and provide our team with a few assets - we will host the challenges on our dedicated app for you.

You are looking for a standalone app

Be more visible in the app stores by getting a dedicated app for your employees and partners.

Your resources & budget are limited

District Teams is a cost-effective solution - our pricing is transparent and based on number of users and duration.

You value customisation and want a product tailored to your needs.

When customising our white label solution for your brand, our team will ensure you approve the designs and share your feedback.

We take into consideration all product improvement requests - some extra costs may occur.

You're working with a strict deadline

Your challenge(s) can be live on the District app in just a few days.

You are planning a big event, or want a durable fitness challenge platform for your employees

Through Enterprise, we will create a dedicated app for you and your team, that can be used and updated all year long.

We will help you with suggestions of concepts & routes, and train you on the challenge creation platform for free, ensuring you make the most of our services.

Most of your activation will be done on your own channels (Facebook, email etc)

All you need to do is to share the link to download the District app, then ask your participants to join your challenge - which can be gated using ticket codes.

You need robust activation & engagement tools

Our Enterprise solution includes in-app/ push notifications, but also Augmented Reality & transactional emails to keep bringing your participants back on the app.

Regardless of the option you choose - we are a fully ISO-certified company, so you know your data is stored and managed to the highest level, and data can be hosted in a location of your choice.

So why not take the first step toward a healthier, happier, and more productive team by signing up for a corporate fitness challenge with District? With our customizable solutions and team bonding ideas, you're sure to find the perfect fit for your organization's needs and budget.



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