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Should I Create a Fundraising App for My Charity?

As a fundraising or marketing manager, you are constantly searching for new and innovative ways to raise money for your charity, and looking to maximise your fundraising efforts. A challenge app can be a great solution for your charity.

In recent years, the rise of charity walks, runs and cycling events has led to the development of virtual fitness platforms, which help to bring together communities of people who are passionate about supporting a common cause. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, when traditional events all but disappeared, the demand for these platforms increased, and now the solutions available have many advantages over a physical event.

We will explore the benefits and drawbacks of creating a charity fundraising app and determine if it is the right move for your organisation.

What are the advantages of a Fundraising Challenge Application?

Increased Donations

With the use of a charity app, it is easier for people to donate to your organization at any time, from any place. The convenience factor is a significant motivator for people to give, especially for those who are unable to attend a traditional charity event. Additionally, the ability to set up recurring donations can also increase the overall amount raised. At District we integrate with a number of market leading solutions to make the donation process seamless, and have features to continually prompt users to donate and share their progress with their network.

Increased Visibility

A fundraising charity app can also serve as a platform for your organization to increase its visibility and reach a wider audience. It allows people to learn more about your cause and what you do, and it also offers the opportunity to engage with your supporters. An charity app on the District platform provides a direct link to your users through notifications, feed posts and more.

Improved Tracking and Data

With a fundraising application, you have the ability to track the success of your campaigns and make informed decisions about future fundraising efforts. You can see which campaigns are resonating with your supporters and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Better User Experience

A charity fundraising app offers a better user experience for your supporters. It is a more modern and accessible way for people to get involved with your organization, and it can also provide a sense of community for those who support your cause. The District platform provides features such as feeds, leaderboards, and chat rooms to keep users engaged throughout a campaign.

What can be the perceived drawbacks of a Fundraising Application?


You may think Creating a charity app can be a costly investment, and that it’s an expense that may not be feasible for smaller charities or those with limited budgets. However, this is not the case with District. We have options to suit a huge range of budgets, and align our pricing model to your success, so there’s limited risk involved.

Technical Knowledge

Developing a fundraising application requires a significant amount of technical knowledge. That’s where we come in. We have years of experience working in the fundraising sector, and our product has been tailored to increase donations and engagement. Our team is on hand to launch the platform quickly, and efficiently, with minimal workload from your side.

Marketing Efforts

In order for a charity app to be successful, it needs to be marketed effectively. We are able to use our experience, to consult and guide you through this process to ensure that your app is being used and that it is making a positive impact on your fundraising efforts.

Why should you create a Fundraising Application?

Creating a fundraising app for your charity is full of benefits - it is undoubtedly a great way to increase your visibility, build your community, track your campaigns, and ultimately raise ore money for your cause.

It can be a powerful tool for fundraising and enhance your ability to raise money for your cause and make a positive impact on the world.

District has years of experience working in the virtual challenge sector with some of the biggest charities in the world, and we can guide you through the process of launching your fundraising app.

For more information check out the recent fundraising challenge app that we launched with Cerebral Palsy Alliance for Steptember and if you are interested in getting your own, get in touch with us today, so we can demo the platform for you, and talk through how maximise your donations.



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